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Exploring the five countries with the most severe persecution of Christians

Efforts to promote religious freedom are crucial for protecting the rights and safety of Christians and other religious groups.

"Beyond Utopia”: a documentary about Pastor Kim’s mission

Pastor Kim’s organisation helped more than 1000 people escape North Korea

China sends Christian escapees back to North Korea

UK MPs have been encouraged to stop China sending fugitives back to North Korea

A North Korean kid and his parents were put to jail for life for having a Bible

About 70,000 Christians are imprisoned in North Korea, according to a new International Religious Freedom Report.

North Korea ranks as worst persecutor of Christians worldwide

The World Watch List also listed Nigeria as a hotbed for Christian persecution.

In North Korean prisons Christians are treated worse than others

Possessing a Bible is enough to be imprisoned.

Christian persecutions is the most severe worldwide for the last 30 years

In 76 countries, the situation of Christ's followers is difficult or extremely difficult, accordin to Open Doors.

North Korean Christians sent to exile for possessing a Bible

Although Bae was offered to stay in China, she turned down the offer and continues to serve her underground church.

Christians in North Korea sent to a remote village for possessing Bible

For having a Bible, a group of North Korean Christians was sent to remote village with hard labor and limited rations.

Afghanistan overtakes North Korea as worst persector of Christians worldwide

Open Doors' 2022 World Watch list reveals that 360 million Christians face persecution because of their faith across the world.