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“Beyond Utopia” : a documentary about Pastor Kim’s mission

Pastor Kim’s organisation helped more than 1,000 people escape North Korea

The documentary entitled “Beyond Utopia” was released this year in November and shows us the work of Pastor Seungeun Kim and his organisation, Caleb Mission. The pastor himself usually works in the field and personally helps in the rescuing. He said in an interview:

“People are shocked about this rescue mission, but for me that’s part of my breakfast, lunch and dinner; morning, day and night. It’s just regular life for me.”

His organisation helped over 1,000 North Korean defectors in the past 24 years. These people could have faced a terrible fate. Many of them would have died in prison camps as political prisoners; children who were sold to organ trafficking markets would have met an even more awful end.

But their job is not finished when the people are safe. After the rescue missions they help them become self-reliant in South Korea in order to be able to live a normal life.

Source: Cristianity Today, Caleb Mission

Photo: Courtesy of Beyond Utopia / RNS

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