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Christian persecutions is the most severe worldwide for the last 30 years

360 million Christians worldwide suffer because of their faith. These data are included in the Global Persecution Index prepared by the international organization Open Doors. “We have been preparing this report for 30 years and the past year was the worst in terms of the extent and strength of anti-Christian violence. Its main source is radical Islam, ”Christian Nani, director of Open Doors Italia, told Vatican Radio.


The list compiled by Open Doors covers fifty countries in the world where the situation of Christians is extremely difficult and 26 countries where their situation is constantly deteriorating. This means that Christ’s followers suffer 40 percent. all countries of the world (out of 194 with full international recognition).

“Last year, 5,800 Christians were killed for their faith, an increase by as much as 23 percent. compared to the previous persecution index, ”emphasizes Christian Nani.

For 20 years, North Korea was at the top of the list of countries where Christians were most persecuted. Now it has given way to Afghanistan. However, this does not mean an improvement in the situation of Korean Christians, but a significant worsening of the fate of Afghan people after the Taliban took power. “The situation in Afghanistan shows just how much global jihadism is generating a wave of anti-Christian persecution,” says Nani.


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