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Spanish government wants to remove the cross from the Valley of the Fallen

Due to the country's coronavirus halt, Spain's economy will shrink enormously this year. The media even reported that the GDP of the Iberian country dropped by 20% in the second quarter. Meanwhile, the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez is again turning its attention the Valley of the Fallen - the mausoleum of victims of the 1936-1939 civil war.


It was in the Valley of the Fallen (Valle de los Caídos) that General Francisco Franco rested. The commander was exhumed and deposited elsewhere last year – against the wishes of his family – by the decision of the determined left-wing government of Spain, which is taking revenge against the right-wing forces which won the civil war.

Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo announced that the government wants to close down the Benedictine abbey so that the buildings become a secular sanctuary. What’s more, the office is to consider the removal of a huge – over 150 metre long – cross.

According to the Spanish website Libertaddigital, raising the topic of the cross and abbey in the Valley of the Fallen is a tactic to hide the conflicts inside the left-wing coalition ruling the country and divert public attention from failures in the handling of the pandemic. In turn, the authorities argue that they want Spaniards “never again to lose their freedom”.



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