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Feminists try to attack families by eliminating the father’s role

On the fourth day of the Iberoamerican Summit, experts agreed that today families are being attacked from the inside by subverting the role of the father.

The “Iberoamerican Summit: government, family, and life” was organised from the 7th to the 11th of September by the Colectivo Unidad (Unity Collective) to discuss the person’s role in the society.

On the 10th of September, the main issue was the presence of different attacks against the families.  

In his speech,  Javier Bedoya Denegri said that “The feminists want to abolish the role of the father by destroying the families from the inside.”

“They have changed their strategy. They do not want to attack the families from outside anymore but from the inside. They want to approve anything as a family,” he added.

Bedoya highlighted that the role of the father is crucial in the family.  “A child who was brought up without a father is five times more likely to commit suicide, and seven times more likely to leave school prematurely.”

Mamela Fiallo Flor, the founder of the Mises Mambí Institute of Cuba highlighted; “Children need to see a male example in the family.” 

According to an Argentinian politician,  Agustín Laje, feminists try to idealise the “new” and to degrade everything that is from the past. He said, “They want to demolish everything that is old or traditional, and try to impair the identity of traditional people and institutions.”

Source: Aciprensa


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