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European court says aborting Jesus on an altar is "exercising freedom"

France has to pay the vulgar activist 10.000 euros.

Scottish law student faces disciplinary action after saying "women have vaginas"

“I thought it was a joke,” Keogh said about receiving an email that accused her of making bigoted comments. 

Radical feminists vandalised a church in Paris

The vulgar inscriptions left on the walls clearly show who the perpetrators were

Pro-life activists slam "anti-women culture that encourages abortion"

Emily Berning stressed that “circumstances are temporary but abortion is permanent.”

Feminists try to attack families by eliminating the father's role

A child who was brought up without a father is five times more likely to commit suicide.

Classical composers most recognised in the UK are ‘white male titans’

Royal Albert Hall artistic director: We need more female and ethnic minority composers in British classical music

Seven feminists in history who were pro-life activists

Do not confound feminism with pro-abortion activity