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European court says aborting Jesus on an altar is “exercising freedom”

Overturning the verdict of a French court, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that a feminist who interrupted the rehearsal of Christmas carols to perform a topless act of aborting Jesus on the altar of a Paris church was exercising "freedom of expression."


Bare-breasted and covered in pro-abortion slogans, Eloïse Bouton entered the La Madeleine church in December 2013 and simulated aborting Jesus in protest of the Catholic Church’s teaching against abortion.

Bouton, a former member of the group Femen, stood in front of the altar, wearing a blue veil to mock the Virgin Mary and carried pieces of animal liver to represent an aborted fetus. She acted out an “abortion” before urinating on the ground before those in attendance.

After Bouton’s act, Femen wrote on social media that “Christmas is cancelled!” and that “the holy mother Eloïse has just aborted the embryo of Jesus on the altar of the Madeleine.”


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