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Pro-life activist slams “anti-women culture that encourages abortion”

Pro-life activists slammed the “anti-woman culture” that causes women to believe that having a baby will prevent them from achieving their life and career goals during a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.


Moderated by the New York Post’s Kelly Jane Torrance, the “Hard Questions for the Hard Cases: How to Defend Life” panel included Emily Berning, the CEO of the nonprofit pro-life organisation Let Them Live; Alison Centofante, the director of external affairs at the pro-life group Live Action; and Rep. Michelle Fischbach, R-Minn.

Torrance acted as the devil’s advocate throughout the panel, asking the passionate pro-life activists to respond to some of the most common arguments from abortion supporters. She acknowledged widespread opposition to third-term abortions among Americans who describe themselves as pro-choice but noted that “tougher questions come at the beginning or when there are medical issues.”

Berning took issue with the “anti-woman culture that’s saying if you have a baby, you can’t do anything. You can’t do it. You have to kill your child to be successful. That is what the culture is telling women and we have to be so opposite of that.”

She then described the work of her organisation, Let Them Live, where she and her staff counsel pregnant women and explain that “temporary bad circumstances do not define you as a mother, they do not define you as a person, and we will help you get out of that so that you can make a life-affirming decision.”

“Politics is downstream from culture, so if we expect to change anything, we … need to change the culture and that starts with letting women know that we are here for them,” she added.


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