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Scottish law student faces disciplinary action after saying “women have vaginas”

A law student at Abertay University in Scotland is being investigated after making comments during lectures asserting that only women have vaginas and that men are the physically stronger sex.


The British daily newspaper The Times reported Saturday that Lisa Keogh is now facing disciplinary actions after her classmates reported her for saying that women were born with female genitals and that “the difference in physical strength of men versus women is a fact.”

The twenty-two-year old law student, who is in her final year, is now afraid that any sanction from the school might hurt her aspiration to become a human rights attorney. Keogh reportedly made remarks about biological sex during seminars on gender feminism and the law. 

According to Keogh, she was muted by her lecturer during a video seminar when she raised concerns about trans-identified males being able to take part in mixed martial arts matches. She said she made a point that a trans-identified male “had testosterone in her body for thirty-two years and, as such, would be genetically stronger than your average woman.”

“I thought there was no way that the university would pursue me for utilising my legal right to freedom of speech.” Her classmates that reported her, who are reportedly younger than she is, said she referred to women as the “weaker sex.” 

Keough is accused of calling classmates “man-hating feminists” when one classmate suggested that all men were rapists and pose a threat to women.


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