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Ofsted criticises Religious Education standards

The government has said schools are responsible for the delivery of religious education, after Ofsted criticised standards.

Christian TV presenter raises awareness of CBM's noble mission

TV presenter Gyles Brandreth is asking the public to support the work of Christian charity CBM

Christian teacher is going to appeal against ban over "misgendering"

A Christian maths teacher, who has been banned from the profession, is going to appeal against the verdict

Christian actress confronts 'Cancel Culture' and is ready to fight for her faith

Candace Cameron Bure denounces ‘cancel culture’ and describes her constant struggles in the film industry as a Christian actress

Tributes to Christian philanthropist Jeremy Marshall

Jeremy Marshall, who committed his life to evangelistic projects and supported Christian organisations across the UK, passed away

Christian web-designer cannot be forced to create websites for gay marriage

The state of Colorado rules that a Christian web-designer could not be enforced to go against her Christian values

A "March of Normality" was organised in Poland

Mostly young people took part in the march, but there were also families with children.

Feminists try to attack families by eliminating the father's role

A child who was brought up without a father is five times more likely to commit suicide.

10 Secular movies that teach Christian values

Sometimes, it’s helpful to divide modern movies into two categories: faith-based and secular

How marital norms have eroded in the States - Decade in review

A healthy moral and physical ecology — especially for children — should be preserved.