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A Laotian woman was rejected by her husband for converting to Christianity


Villay was searching for happiness by the side of different men. She was living in her seventh marriage when she discovered God and converted to Christianity.


Her earlier relationships ended due to divorce or the death of her husbands. Although she had many children from her different marriages, she could keep only two of them.

The children converted to Christianity together with her. Nevertheless, her husband was not happy learning about the conversion of his wife. Vilay pleaded with her husband to change his mind, but finally, she had to get divorced again. The man obligated her to pay the charges of the divorce ceremony; she also had to buy food and fruits to offer to the gods to reconcile them after her conversion. 

“I was hoping that I could spend the rest of my life with my ex-husband, but he rejected me. He didn’t want me to become a Christian. I was obligated to divorce, even if I loved him,” she told Open Doors.


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