Tag: Converted Christians

Boy killed his mother over her conversion in Israel

The woman separated from her husband and children in 2006, relocated, and converted.

Pray for adolescent girl who is persecuted for her faith by her family

The friends of a fifteen-year-old Indian girl ask Christians to pray for her because she suffered persecution by her own family.

Three Christians were imprisoned after Hindus attacked them

Officers at Phoolpur police station arrested the pastors and charged them with forcible conversion and other crimes.

Atheists in Kenya secretary resigned after finding Jesus

Seth Mahinga, the secretary of the Atheists in Kenya (AIK) society resigned after finding Jesus.

Christian tortured and driven from home in Uganda

Geoffrey is a former Muslim who confessed Christ as his Savior earlier this year.

Christian woman blamed for her husband's death in India

God has worked miracles in the lives of her family and community to sustain her.

Six-year-old girl forced to pray Muslim prayer in Bangladesh

Muslim extremists of Bangladesh go from house to house and force Christians to deny their faith and pray Muslim prayers.

Five Christians baptised in Malaysia

Despite persecution and the present inundations that caused a catastrophe in Malaysia, five people converted to Christianity.

Christian convert killed in Uganda

A forty-one-year-old former imam was killed on the 7th of December by a mob of Muslims, a week after converting to Christianity.

Christian man tied up in forest for converting to the Christian faith in Mianmar

The man passed an entire night tied in the forest because he did not want to reconvert to Buddhism.