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Christian man tied up in forest for converting to the Christian faith in Mianmar

Open Doors reported about a recently converted Christian man, who was forced to spend a night in the forest because of his faith in Myanmar.

A Buddhist man and his family, living in a little village in Myanmar, converted to Christianity. As the other members of the community were all Buddhists, the family was accused of betraying their community, and they had to leave the village to avoid persecution.

However, in the new village, where they moved, they were not welcome. They were threatened and pressured for following Christ. The leader of the village decided that he did not want a Christian family in his community, so he chose a drastic method to make the family either leave or reconvert to Buddhism.

The head of the Christian family was taken to the forest, tied, and left there during the entire night, to make him change his mind. The man was released the day after, but the persecution continued against the family.

Finally, an Open Doors missionary helped them to find food, shelter and access to their basic needs in this difficult period. 

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