Tag: Converted Christians

Alarmingly high bail leveled against Iranian Christians

The government is demanding 3 billion tomans ($150,000) for the release of both an Armenian church leader and a Christian convert

A Laotian woman was rejected by her husband for converting to Christianity

She had to buy food and fruits to offer to the gods to reconcile them after her conversion.

Another Christian woman killed in rural India

It is reported she faced serious threats from radical Hindu nationalists

‘I am rejected in my own house’—Rupa’s determination to follow Jesus in India

Rupa continued to pray: “If God called me at this young age, then let Him use me at this young age.”

Moroccan Christians repeatedly arrested and harassed

Moroccan Christians worship in secret house churches to avoid state sanctions or harassment from society.

Myanmar believers pray non-stop as village hurls stones

‘We’ll cling to Jesus until we die!’

How do ex-Muslim Christians bring up their children?

Bringing up their children in an Islamic environment is a big challenge for Christian parents.

Church vandalized after two Christians accused of proselytizing in India

“These anti-conversion laws are tools for intimidating, mistreating, and frightening the tiny Christian community”

Villagers burn home, beat wife of former Muslim Sheikh in Eastern Uganda

A former sheikh (Muslim teacher) in eastern Uganda became a Christian - Muslim villagers surrounded his house and set it ablaze

A convert to Christianity was burnt alive in the Ivory Coast for leaving Islam

Ouattara Adama de Bondoukou paid with his life for following Jesus.