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Christian tortured and driven from home in Uganda

Geoffrey is a former Muslim who confessed Christ as his Saviour earlier this year. When Geoffrey’s father learned of his newfound faith, he tortured him so badly that local police authorities intervened to stop the cruelty.


‘I Commit to Pray’ shared the story of a Christian man who left Islam after finding Christ.  When Geoffrey’s father found out about his conversion, he attacked his own son.

He also involved local clan members who cursed Geoffrey and tried to bribe him to recant his Christian faith. When he did not recant, his father chased him from his house and land on his father’s property. Despite this persecution, Geoffrey is determined to follow Christ.

“I cannot be convinced otherwise. I have seen the power of God in my life,” he said. “They took away the house and land and threw us out, but they cannot take away our Jesus.” Geoffrey is married and has two young daughters. 

Source: I Commit to Pray

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