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Hungary ends legal recognition of sex change

In Hungary, people who obtain a sex change will not be able to have the procedure recognised legally. Transgender rights groups believe that this will increase intolerance and discrimination against LGBTQ communities in the country.


On Tuesday, the Hungarian parliament voted to prevent transsexual and intersex people from changing their gender in identity documents. 134 MPs voted in favour of “sex at birth”. Fifty-six were against and four abstained.

The Hungarian human rights group Hatter Society stated that the law violates fundamental constitutional rights and has met with opposition from the European Parliament and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. LGBT organisations want the bill to be sent to the Constitutional Court.

The government is defending the bill. A statement sent to the CNN editorial office explained that “it does not affect the right of men and women to freely express their identity (…) Under no circumstances does the part of the bill, which some criticise, prevent anyone from enjoying the fundamental rights of human dignity,” the document explains.

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