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Pope urged priority to be given to Syria over ‘every other interest’

Pope Francis prays for the people in Syria and for the situation to be resolved in the war-torn Middle Eastern country.


During his Angelus in Sunday, Pope Francis turned to Syria and its people, in particular in the northwestern part of the country, Vatican News reported. He expressed his solidarity and greeted those who gathered with the same purpose. 

Drawing attention to the children and the inhumane situation the Pope appealed yet again to find a solution for the sake of the people, as he did four weeks ago.

Pope Francis appeals to the international community for peace in Syria

The latest escalation was brought on after an offensive launched by the Syrian government forces and backed by Russia to regain control over Idlib province, the last stronghold of rebel armed forces.

Pope Francis concluded his appeal in prayer, urging that this situation be given “priority in respect to every other interest” and stressing the importance that we do “not look away from this humanitarian crisis”. 


Photo is courtesy of Unsplash.

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