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Asian Bishops join the appeal for global truce amid pandemic

"The suffering of many will be prolonged the world over and healing delayed indefinitely".

Pope Francis: all conflicts should stop in the face of the pandemic

The planetary emergency of the coronavirus pandemic, makes more urgent than ever a "global and immediate ceasefire".

Jesuit Refugee Services calls for an end of hostilities in Syria

JRS remain committed to serve the Syrian people and provide help for those who need it the most.

Pope urged priority to be given to Syria over 'every other interest'

Pope Francis expressed his “great apprehension for the inhumane situation of the defenceless people" in Syria.

Pope Francis appeals to the international community for peace in Syria

Pope Francis launches a renewed appeal for the international community to protect the people suffering in northwestern Syria.

Christians persecuted in Nigeria amid deafening silence

"Every day," says Father Joseph Bature Fidelis of Maiduguri Diocese, "Our brothers and sisters are slaughtered in the streets."