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French report reveals ties between European courts and George Soros

The conclusion of a shocking report prepared by the European Center for Law and Justice reveals that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is surrounded and infiltrated by a network of NGO's funded by George Soros. As the French weekly Valeurs Actuelles informs about the report, although George Soros is "the one whose name should not be pronounced," he "became a master in the art of making a mess in the world under the guise of altruism."


The report on the activities in this field of organizations associated with the American self-proclaimed philantropist was prepared by Grégor Puppinck, head of the European Center for Law and Justice of the UN consultative body.

It is not a matter of coincidence, the authors write, that Austria, Greece and Italy are being put under pressure to legalize same-sex marriage. Furthermore, pro-abortion lobbies have been thriving in Poland for the last decade. France is required to administer gender change administrative documents. Hungary is forced to lift the lifetime prison sentence. Russia is accused of condemning feminist provocateurs under the sign of “Pussy Riot Punk”. Austria is to legalize adoption by same-sex couples and even Sharia law may be implemented in Greece.

The report explains that every time the European Court of Human Rights imposes its law a European country, a non-governmental organization associated with the Soros network – Open Society Foundations – is involved in the case. Very often one of the judges announcing the judgment is a former collaborator of OSF or another organization associated with it.

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