Tag: Soros

Colorado Supreme Court banned Donald Trump from 2024 election ballot

Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung called the litigation "a Soros-funded, left-wing group's scheme"

78 priests massacred by troops headed by Nobel Peace Prize laureate

The Nobel Prize committee refuses to revoke Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's Nobel Peace Prize despite accusations of ethnic cleansing.

George Soros will invest 220 million dollars to continue the "black revolution"

Despite turning ninety this summer, the famous financial speculator remains very active in influencing American politics.

French report reveals ties between European courts and George Soros

The European Court of Human Rights is surrounded by a network of NGO's funded by George Soros.

"The truth has been replaced by ideas from Soros people", says Polish priest

The priest emphacized the excessive use of the word "tolerance" in the public debate nowadays.

George Soros revealed "the project of his life"

The so-called philantropist wants to promote "democratic values".