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Japan: mobile mosques during the Olympic Games in Tokyo

The organizers of the Olympic Games that will take place in Japan this summer have met the needs of thousands of Muslims who are to visit Tokyo during this year's games. People who are interested will be able to make use of the system of mobile mosques.


The Yasu Project organization took the initiative to build mobile mosques during the Olympic Games, when many Muslims would come to the city. These are rooms with an area of ​​48 square meters, which will be mounted at the rear of the parked trucks. The rooms and vehicles are to have Arabic markings and will be equipped, among others in external taps to clean before the service.

“I hope that both athletes and fans will enjoy these mobile mosques. We want both of them to be able to fully focus on sports competition and not worry about religious practice. I hope that this will also bring awareness that there are people from around the world in Tokyo and will promote the idea of ​​non-discrimination and the peaceful Olympic Games and Paralympic Games”, explained the head of Yasu Project Yasuharu Inoue.

The organizers of the games have assured that they intend to provide suitable locations for followers of different religions, and will make their list available to players and supporters.

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