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In Japan, the Catholic Church reopens kindergartens and helps earthquake victims

The Diocese of Nagoya has set up support centers, reopened kindergartens, and currently provides meals to help earthquake victims.

Japanese Catholic Church fights against sexual exploitation

The number of women forced to sell their bodies is increasing

China orders Christians to commemorate victory against Japan

Prayers were held seeking the intercession of “Jesus, the King of Peace” for the “peaceful reunification” of China.

Polish volleyball representative at Tokyo 2020 talks about his faith in God

One of the pillars of the Polish Tokyo Olympics volleyball team speaks about his Christian faith.

20th-century martyr died defending traditional marriage

Bl. Peter To Rot was killed for standing up for the Church's teaching on marriage between one man and one woman.

Religious freedom on Blinken's agenda during first trip abroad

China has come under particular fire in recent years for its treatment of religious minorities.

Saint Paul Miki and Companions, the martyrs of Nagasaki

On the 6th of February, we commemorate twenty-six martyrs killed in 1597 in Nagasaki.

Japanese wine production ceased as a result of Christian persecution

Winemaking was present in Japan in the seventeenth century, and it ceased because of Christian persecution.

Why was the atomic bomb dropped on the most Catholic town of Japan?

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Jesuits and the Franciscans built up a Catholic community in Nagasaki.

Catholics in Japan fear for refugees, foreigners during coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is causing drops in charitable donations to Catholic organizations in Japan.