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A priest was beaten after celebrating a Mass in Peru

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Fr Miguel Ángel Montes, a 58-year-old priest, was assaulted in Lima, Peru, on the 17th of February. The assailants attacked the priest after he asked them to turn down the music at a street party because it was disturbing the neighbours and interfering with the celebration of Mass.

“The party took place on the sports court of the local team, near the parish church. The loud music prevented the people from hearing my words in the Mass,”  Fr. Miguel Ángel Montes, the parish priest of the Risen Christ Parish, in Villa el Salvador, told a team of ACI reporters. 

The priest then filed a complaint with the Municipal Guard about the street party which was annoying Mass-goers and residents. Since the authorities paid no heed to his complaint, Fr Montes  personally asked the participants at the party to lower the sound of the music.

The group, instead of listening to the priest, surrounded and jostled him and poured beer on him. Finally, one of them punched him in the face and broke his nose.

Police arrived ninety minutes later but did not break up the party.

The priest was transferred to the hospital of Villa el Salvador, where doctors confirmed that his nose was fractured.

“I have been living here for four years, and this kind of party has been going on since last November but lately they are getting longer and longer.  They start on Sunday at 4 PM and don’t finish until Monday morning” said the priest who insisted that the inhabitants of the area do not participate in these parties,  rather the crowds come from the suburbs.

The police began to investigate the case of the assault on the priest on the 20th of February.

Source: Acidigital

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