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Pope prays for countries in conflict

One of most ancient churches in Myanmar was burned and destroyed.

Hand grenade found among donations

At least 100 people could have been in danger.

Catholic bishops condemn massacre of sixteen villagers by Maoists in Peru

Maoist guerrillas killed sixteen villagers in Peru.

Italian lay missionary murdered in Peru

Nadia de Munari, a 50-year-old Italian lay missionary in Peru, died after being attacked in her residence.

Peruvian bishop rescinds permission for confession by phone

For some days, priests of his diocese could hear sacramental confessions by telephone, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Peruvian bishops asked to investigate the death of a British religious

Brother Paul was well known in the locality for his commitment to protecting the environment and the indigenous peoples.

Peru march to denounce violence against children

From March 1st to March 16th the "Tenderness footprints" will touch the main cities of Peru.

A priest was beaten after celebrating a Mass in Peru

He was injured in the assault, but the authorities did not care about it