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Mass burial following terrorist attack on a Catholic church in Nigeria

Those killed during the attack included women, children, and senior citizens.

Facebook censors ACN's campaign to help abused women

Facebook claims to have received complaints from people who objected to the advert.

Study suggests why religious marriages are less likely to end in divorce

Researchers noted that “religion might alter the dynamics between partners in important ways.”

Hundreds of women enslaved in Mozambique

Last November, ISIS-linked militants beheaded over 50 people, including women and children.

New report sheds light on the persecution of Christian women

Christian women face severe persecution and sexual victimisation across the Middle East

Trafficking and forced marriages of Christian women on the rise worldwide

Women are often used as pawns to target the Christian community.

New research shows sexual violence against Christian women is a global calamity

Sexual violence is reported as a primary tactic against women in 84% of countries where religious persecution is widespread.

Saudi sisters fled from their homeland hoping for a bright future

“Women are just like slaves, there” said the older sister

Sexual violence used as a means of power and control against Christian women

Minority Christian women and girls sexually attacked or even killed – all with impunity