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Trafficking and forced marriages of Christian women on the rise worldwide

Persecution of Christian women worldwide has risen dramatically in the last year as a new study by Open Doors International released ahead of International Women's Day finds forced marriages have increased by sixteen per cent, and physical violence against women has increased thirty-one per cent.


Helene Fisher, a global gender persecution specialist for Open Doors International and one of the authors of the report, told The Christian Post that the increased threat to women is often because women have fewer rights in most of the top 50 countries for religious persecution.

The five most common “pressure points” among women in the top fifty countries on the World Watch List for religious persecution are forced marriage, sexual violence, physical violence, psychological violence and forced divorce. Each category increased since last year’s study.

Ninety per cent of the top fifty countries where Christians are most persecuted report forced marriage as a pressure point, and eighty-six per cent of countries report sexual violence.


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