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Statues of Jesus and Mary were smeared with red paint in a Polish church

The police are currently investigating the incident.

The three most common forms of anti-Christian vandalism in Europe

To combat the rise of anti-Christian vandalism in Europe, concerted efforts are needed at various levels.

The Way of the Cross of an Italian town was vandalised

A statue of Christ was stolen from the first of the stations of the cross.

A statue of Mary was vandalised for a second time in a Hungarian town

Unknown perpetrators smashed the head of the statue and trampled its pieces.

Religious statues vandalized in Langton, England

Vandals with black paint covering the Holy Mary statue’s face and hands.

A statue of Saint John Paul II was vandalised in Poland

"The surveillance footage has been secured," the police assured.

A man was charged with hate crime following acts of anti-Catholic vandalism

The suspect is allegedly shown on video driving over the sign at Mary’s Nativity-St. Ann Parish in Flushing.

Two statues of the Virgin Mary were vandalised in Chili

The exact motive of the vandals remains unknown.