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Statues of Jesus and Mary were smeared with red paint in a Polish church

Unknown vandals have defaced statues of Jesus and Mary at a roadside chapel in Szydłowo (Poland), painting their eyes, nails, and mouths red.


Fr. Maruszewski, the local parish priest, condemned the act as “shameful and blasphemous,” noting that it appeared to have been done deliberately and boldly in broad daylight.

“On Sunday, we prayed for the conversion of the perpetrators, and I urge parishioners to come forward with any information that might help identify those responsible,” he said.

The shrine’s owner expressed his dismay, stating, “This act insults the religious sentiments of my family and believers. The chapel, built in memory of an accident that occurred right outside our home, has stood peacefully for many years. I want to confront the perpetrator, explain the harm caused, and persuade them not to repeat such actions.”


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