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Poland shows massive generosity and solidarity with Ukraine amid ongoing war

More than 60% of the 110 Poland Baptist churches are responding to the needs of Ukrainian refugees.

USCRIF warns about Ukrainian Orthodox churches threat of "jeopardy"

In 2019, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople recognized the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as independent.

American pastor provides trauma kits to Ukrainians

Pastor Devine also intends to “train local people in self-defense” during his time in Ukraine.

Minnesota churches pack thousands of meals for Ukrainians stusck by war

The meal-packing last Saturday is not a standalone event, but rather a regular occurrence.

Russian airstrikes hit Ukrainian Orthodox monastery sheltering refugees

Ukraine President Volodymyr says he's ready to hold peace talks with Russia in Jerusalem

US Christian leaders urge Russian Patriarch Kirill to stop Putin's war

In 2012, the patriarch called Putin’s rule a “miracle of God” and criticised his opponents, according to Reuters.

Religious freedom severely restricted in eastern Ukraine

The State Security Ministry (SSM) secret police banned all Ukrainian Baptist Union communities.

Churches near Ukrainian border shelter thousands of refugees

The Polish Baptist Union hopes to house as many as 1,000 refugees.

Christians who fled Ukraine with family grieve over country's fate

Thousands of Ukrainian families are now separated.