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More than one million people applied for refugee in the European Union


More than one million people applied for refugee status last year in the European Union, and according to the Open Society program, exactly this many illegal immigrants are needed annually, so the EU is "keeping pace with the Soros plan" - told György Bakondi, the chief security advisor to the Hungarian government.

According to Frontex statistics, last year the migration pressure was as high as during the most critical period of 2016, with a 17 percent increase compared to 2022. György Bakondi, the chief security advisor to the Hungarian government, reported that in the first two months of this year, migration significantly increased along the Spanish route, as well as near the Italian shores and the Greek islands.

Therefore, there is every reason to assume that this trend will continue this year, with the massification of illegal immigration and the gain in territory by organized crime – the advisor declared.

Regarding the Hungarian borders, he said that the tightening measures introduced by the Serbian authorities are in effect and the Austrian-Hungarian-Serbian cooperation in guarding the Macedonian border is being enforced. This causes difficulty for migrants approaching the Hungarian border; it was possible to disperse the human smuggling gangs that caused unsustainable conditions last year – the advisor explained.

He reported that so far this year, 535 border violators have been caught, which is much lower than the data for the last months of the previous year, but still an increase compared to the “peace years” before 2015, when there were no more than three hundred border violators annually. Therefore, strict border control is still necessary – György Bakondi emphasized.

Regarding the EU migration pact, he said it was evidently urgent for the left-liberal majority, in his opinion, because they want to prove to the European people that they recognize the negative phenomena, and also so that the current composition of the European Parliament can vote on it. György Bakondi expressed his hope that after the EP elections, the left-liberal predominance will decrease, and a political majority paying more attention to the security of European people will emerge.

He believed that the pact would not increase security. He warned that there are elements that are contrary to the will of the Hungarian people, such as the quota-based distribution. He pointed out: nine million forints would have to be paid for each migrant not accepted, and in case of a “crisis situation”, they could decide without an upper limit how many we must accept and provide them with West European level care.

György Bakondi reminded that 2015 was the year when mass illegal migration appeared, penetrating borders with violence. A response was needed, and the Hungarian response was clear: only those who are allowed by the law and the authorities can enter, people with unknown identities cannot pass through the country.

Because of this, we received a lot of political attacks – said the security advisor, recalling that the reports in the Western European media were full of lies about the illegal migrants, who also lied about their age, nationality, and qualifications.

Since then, public safety in Western Europe has severely deteriorated – terrorist acts, violence against women, ghettoization – antisemitism has reappeared, and attacks against the sovereign national state, the family, and Christianity have begun – György Bakondi continued.

He noted that in several European countries, Eritreans recently clashed and then attacked the police as well. This is a conflict that originated in Eritrea and was brought into Europe; it is visible that conflicts, as well as antisemitism and anti-Christian sentiment, have been imported – the advisor concluded.

Source: MTI

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