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Christians in Aleppo struggle with war and displacement

Syrian Christians’ lives have been severely disrupted by the civil war that began more than two decades ago.

Hungary supports the Syrian people with 4.6 million euros

Tristan Azbej, the responsible for programs assisting persecuted Christians : Hungary is supports syrians with 4.6 million Euros

Syria’s civil war hits its ten-year anniversary

It is estimated that twelve million out of Syria’s pre-civil war population of twenty-two million were displaced since 2011.

More than a hundred houses were rebuilt with the help of Hungary Helps Program

Among many Hungary is one of those helpers with the HHP which helps the restoration and education.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán handed over Kádár's villa to Christians

According to estimates by UNICEF, more than five million children need humanitarian aid in Syria alone.

Syrian Christians suffer from international sanctions

Speaking to Vatican Radio, Fr. Ibrahim Asabagh affirmed that "Syrians suffer more now than during the nine years of the war."

The number of Christians in Syria is shrinking dramatically

Between 300,000 to 900,000 Christians have left the country since the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in 2011.

ISIS attacks increase in NE Syria

Although these attacks are not specifically targeting Christians, they have affected a large Christian community.

The number of Christians in Syria decreases every year

In Syria, the number of Christians was estimated to be less than 500,000 in mid-2017, compared to 1.5 million before the war.

Christians in Syria continue to face brutal circumstances

This month marked the ninth anniversary of the start of the civil war in Syria. “The situation is terrible”