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The number of Christians in Syria decreases every year

At the beginning of the civil war, the Christian community of Aleppo was about 180,000 and was one of the largest Christian communities not only in Syria but throughout the Middle East. The Maronite Archbishop Joseph Tobji of Aleppo commented that after seven years of war, the number of Christians in the city and district fell to a mere 32,000.


An analysis  conducted by international organizations such as Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) confirmed that by July 2019 the number of Christians in Aleppo had decreased to 29,000. This means that the Christian population in Aleppo,  has fallen by more than 80 per cent in just eight years. Archbishop Tobji said that 40 percent of the Christians remaining in his diocese are elderly people who need specialised medical care. 

ACN investigations in Syria revealed that young men want to leave the country to avoid compulsory military service. Archbishop Tobji described the ongoing emigration of Christians as “our bleeding wound,” saying that people want to escape the deepening humanitarian crisis in Syria. 

The ACN report also emphasise the growing marginalisation of Christians in society along with  increasing discrimination both in the workplace and in the public arena. 


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