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Christian communities in Syria are endangered due to mass emigration

According to Archbishop Jacques Mourad of Homs, the future of Christianity is jeopardized, as Syrian families are leaving the country in huge numbers.

The Archbishop has emphasized the severity of the situation by explaining how “oppressive sanctions against Syria” increased social issues like corruption and poverty. As a result, Christian families have been leaving Syria in masses for years. The Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need estimates that over half a million people have left the country since the outbreak of the civil war in 2011. 

Archbishop Mourad drew attention to the declining education system, with teachers earning only £15-£17 a month. He said this was “below the level of human dignity. We see families leaving Syria because they want to ensure a better life for their children. They have lost hope and confidence in this country, and they do not want their children to live in a country where they are not safe. There are also many young people who choose to emigrate, and this also poses considerable problems.”

The fact that many young men have left the country, created a shortage, hence Christian women have been marrying Muslim men instead. They are forced to convert to Islam, as it is the law in Syria. 

Aid to the Church in Need is arranging financial support to the Archdiocese of Homs. They are providing over 3,000 gifts to children and people with disabilities this Christmas.



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