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Syrian Armenian church targeted by grenade

Turkey sent hundreds of fighters from northern Syria to fight as mercenaries against Armenia and in support of Azerbaijan.

Syrian Christians suffer from international sanctions

Speaking to Vatican Radio, Fr. Ibrahim Asabagh affirmed that "Syrians suffer more now than during the nine years of the war."

Lebanon asks the Church for solidarity

Secretary General of Caritas International, Aloysius John described the situation in the country as tragic.

The number of Christians in Syria is shrinking dramatically

Between 300,000 to 900,000 Christians have left the country since the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in 2011.

Fourteen Christians were kidnapped in Syria

Turkish-backed Islamist militants kidnapped fourteen Kurd Christians in Syria.

Turkey and its allies deprive Christians in North-East Syria of water

Turkey and its jihadist allies suspended the water supply to Christian towns in North-East Syria.

Syrian Christian arrested by Islamist loyalist group

Human rights abuses and religious freedom violations remain a widespread issue in this Middle Eastern region

Priest missing in Syria for seven years

The end of July marks the seven-year anniversary of when Father Paolo Dall’Oglio went missing in Syria.

Syria announces plans for replica Hagia Sophia

Although a seemingly pro-Christian decision from both Syria and Russia, this announcement is laced with geopolitical motives.

Syria: Cathedral rises up from the ashes of persecution

A restored cathedral in Aleppo, which was bombed, is to be officially re-opened – a sign of the enduring presence of Christianity