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Lebanon asks the Church for solidarity

"What Lebanon is asking the Church for today is solidarity," said the secretary-general of Caritas International during his visit in Beirut. The purpose of the visit is to exchange information and coordinate the relief action with the activities of local religious organisations, as well as to show support from the Church for the disadvantaged inhabitants of the Lebanese capital.


“Lebanon is going through a deep crisis, both political and social. The dramatic economic situation is exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Unemployment is at record levels, as is inflation. The crisis has led to the collapse of social infrastructure and services, making most Lebanese people need humanitarian aid, “said the Secretary General of Caritas International.

Aloysius John pointed out, however, that the current situation has its advantages – it may become an opportunity to change the system and hope for a better tomorrow.

“About 300,000 people are in a very difficult situation. Most of them have lost their homes or their condition makes them uninhabitable. Some are thrown out by landlords who refuse to renovate for fear of not receiving insurance payments. The purpose of my stay in Beirut is therefore to show the closeness of the Church with the victims, and to coordinate the activities of the local Caritas in cooperation with local religious leaders. I also met with many of the directly affected families to assess their needs,” said Aloysius John.

The Secretary General of Caritas International noted that in view of the approaching winter, there is an urgent need to provide all people who have lost their homes and apartments with a roof over their heads, warm blankets and clothes. Many people fear that they will not survive the winter.

He also noted that the Lebanon crisis was influenced by the sanctions imposed on Syria by the United States. “People are counting on the new government to take control of the situation. They say Lebanon “has fallen a thousand times and has risen a thousand times, and it will be the same now.”



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