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Christian man injured in attacks forgave the terrorist

After the attack, the Christian man prayed for the soul of the terrorist, and God heard his prayer.

Lebanon: "The number of Christians in the country is decreasing day by day"

"More than 380,000 requests for immigration were presented to the embassies of the EU and the countries of North America."

Christian population is leaving Lebanon

Since the explosion in Beirut, on the 4th of August, numerous people have emigrated from Lebanon; many of them are Christians.

Lebanon asks the Church for solidarity

Secretary General of Caritas International, Aloysius John described the situation in the country as tragic.

More than a week from explosions, several hypotheses but no answers

Already four years ago, US security personnel warned of the danger associated with stored ammonium nitrate.

Lebanese government resigns after Beirut explosion

With death tolls reaching more than 160 and fatalities nearing 6,000, this was the final straw for many.

Beirut: Pope and Maronite Patriarch call for help and prayers

The Pope has joined in his appeal for international support by the Patriarch of the Maronite Catholic Church

"We are grateful for Hungary’s help and compassion"

In his message, Cardinal Rai drew attention to the severe consequences of the Beirut tragedy and the damage done to the Church

Beirut blast: Maronite Catholic priest very concerned

Lebanon’s security service warned against speculations of terrorism before investigators could assess the situation