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Christian population is leaving Lebanon

Since the explosion in Beirut, on the 4th of August, numerous people have emigrated from Lebanon. Many of them are Christians.


“Around ten per cent of the population of this particular suburb have left because they can no longer live in their homes. I cannot do anything to stop them because I cannot offer them security, which is what they are seeking. There are still people who are remaining hopeful, but every day it gets more difficult,” says Father Nicolas Riachy, the parish priest of the church of Saint Savior, which lost its roof in the explosion.

This Melkite Catholic church was built in 1890 and is a treasured historical monument and one of the oldest churches in the city. Saint Savior’s Church is situated in a symbolic place, located as it is on the edge of the Christian quarter.

“We are a sort of doorway to the Christian quarter,” the priest explains— hence the importance of repairing this church.  “We want to give hope for those who still want to remain here. Our mission is to bring light into the darkness through which we are living. There is no Christianity without the Cross. Christ is our example,”  the priest continued.

Even though Christians in Lebanon are facing a difficult situation, it is important to rebuild the churches, and make people stay in the country, because, Father Nicholas says, “this land is a holy land and we cannot abandon it.”


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