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Christians have been denied humanitarian assistance among IDPs in Myanmar

Currently, over 14 million people need humanitarian aid in Myanmar.

Deadly attack against Christian state in Myanmar leaves two dead

The Christian-majority state of Chin is facing continual violence from the governments military junta.

Myanmar junta keeps on damaging churches and places of worship

The military has already killed over 2,000 civilians and arrested more than 14,500 people.

Myanmar military junta destroys several homes and a church in new attack

The military has committed many acts of violence against civilians who resist its rule.

Myanmar junta continues to torture and kill children from religious minorities

the junta has “intentionally” deprived children of their fundamental human rights to health, education and development.

A church has been destroyed despite bishops’ pleas for peace in Myanmar

Fighting between the military and local defense forces has intensified in Kayah state since June 6.

A statue of Mary vandalised and several chapels desecrated in Myanmar

The junta has shown no signs of easing the oppression of civilians.

Burmese military targeted a Catholic village several times

Thousands of people were forced to flee their homes to nearby safe areas.

Myanmar’s military junta targeting religious buildings

Majority Christian Chin state in Western Myanmar has had 62 religious structures destroyed.

China backs Myanmar junta amid rising violence

Since February 2021, The Myanmar junta has killed more than 1,600 people,