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Candace Owens slams media for ignoring a "Christian holocaust"

"When Christians die all over the world, nobody talks about it" - she insisted during an interview with Piers Morgan

European Christians still subjected to discrimination

This discrimination, whether overt or subtle, poses significant challenges to individuals and communities practicing their faith.

The persecution of ex-Muslim Christians

Persecuted Christians do not receive reasonable attention from the media

A Swiss TV channel prohibited its presenter from wearing a cross pendant

This situation has caused a great discussion in Switzerland regarding religious freedom.

Anti-Christian crimes are on the rise across France

A collective statement signed by 20 French personnalities draws attention to the issue.

"There's no room for Christians in the Australian public sphere," says bishop

Andrew Thoburn says the Left uses the slogan of tolerance, while persecuting both believers and their families.

Over 60% of people feel that the media perpetrate faith-based stereotypes

The study had 9,000 respondents, including citizens, journalists, and editors from 18 countries and major religions.

The Atlantic refers to the Rosary as an “extremist tool"

In the meantime, the newspaper omitted to denounce pro-abortion violence on several occasions.

Anti-Catholic hate crimes rose by 260% in Canada

While there were 43 cases of anti-Catholic hate crimes in 2020, it rose to 155 in 2021.

French defender of Christians Daniel Hamiche dies

Daniel Hamiche had visited the hospital several times over the last months and his relatives knew he might die soon.