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“There’s no room for Christians in the Australian public sphere,” says bishop

Just a day after Andrew Thorburn, an Australian Protestant, was appointed CEO of one of the world's leading sports clubs, the team chairman made him choose between his religious beliefs and his newly appointed position. The reason was the Christian's opposition to homosexual relationships. The situation outraged the Catholic bishop in the antipodes, who drew attention to the problem of excluding Christians from public space.


Thoburn, recently elected head of the Essendon Bombers rugby team, is also chairman of the House on the Rock Congregation. The group, in line with Christian teaching, condemns, inter alia, homosexual acts as bad. It was this conviction, going back to the LGBT ideology, that drew the widespread odium into the newly appointed director.

The critics were joined by a politician from the national socialist grouping – the Labor Party. Daniel Andrews found the Protestant group’s condemnation of homosexuality and abortion “absolutely gross.”

Only a day after taking up his new position, Thoburn would leave club chairman David Barham faced with the dilemma: He was to choose either his congregation or the position he had been assigned. The Protestant chose his religion and gave up.

Australia’s Catholic bishops also referred to the scandalous violation of religious freedom. “This situation sends a disturbing warning to the common faithful… That they will not be trusted to lead or serve their community. I want to give them a word of support, ”the hierarch wrote in a recent statement. “Honestly, if Essendon can’t be inclusive and honest with religious fans, maybe it’s time to find a new club,” the clergyman added.


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