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Anti-Christian crimes are on the rise across France

Nice Notre Dame

The anti-Christian incidents have been rising in France, up to the point that 20 personalities from different organisations and careers have issued a to the authorities.


The newspaper “Le Figaro” has published a collective statement signed by twenty french personalities asking for a better response against this problem in France and Europe. The article mentions recent news about two nuns who will leave the city of Nantes due to insecurity.

The authors state: “If the worrying rise in violence against religions affects all believers, Christianity remains the primary target of anti-religious acts in France as in Europe.” The statement asks the European Union to “react and recall that all anti-religious acts must be fought with the same force.”

The article describes that two nuns living in the Bouffay district of Nantes will leave the city, as they were exhausted by the insecurity.

This is underlined by the latest parliamentary report done by Isabelle Florennes and Ludovic Mendes on anti-Religious and anti-Christian crimes in France, which also revealed alarming numbers of anti-Christian acts in the country. (Le Figaro)


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