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More than 70 Percent of churches are meeting again in U.S.

Most are practicing social distancing by closing off certain seats to battle the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey

Online protest for freedom of religion in Eritrea

Tens of thousands of Eritreans are currently detained without trial in life threatening conditions in the country.

After Minnesota bishops plan to defy Mass restrictions, governor eases rules

The bishops maintained that the original guidelines were unfairly restrictive toward religious services.

Attackers burn Mississippi Church to the ground after it defies lockdown

Someone also spray-painted graffiti on the First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs: “I bet you stay home now, hypokrits” [sic]

French bishop calls for Catholics’ right to participate freely in Mass

Bp. Bernard Ginoux's strongly worded letter received widespread attention in the French Catholic media.

Bishop Schneider: Coronavirus is causing a ‘catacomb Church’ to emerge

“If the government denies the Church the same rights as they give to a store, then this is discrimination of the religion.”

Video: Implicit persecution of Christianity

Bishop Schneider warns the Wuhan virus is being used as a pretext to persecute the Church. 

Video: Catholics plead with UK shepherds to reopen churches

'We believe that God’s house should always be open and that it can be done safely with as little risk as going to the supermarket"

Christians in Bangladesh, Pakistan ease people’s hardship

The Catholic Church in Bangladesh has launched a special fund to help victims of Covid-19 lockdown.

BBC broadcasts Muslim prayers on radio for the first time

Different imams lead the 5:50 a.m. broadcasts every week on 14 BBC local radio stations, reciting verses from the Qur’an or quotes