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Video: Catholics plead with UK shepherds to reopen churches

'We believe that God’s house should always be open, and that it can be done safely with as little risk as going to the supermarket.' The video, emailed to all British Catholic bishops on Tuesday, is titled “Please Open Our Churches.” It begins with a young woman addressing the British bishops.


A group of British Catholics have released a video in which they beg their bishops to allow them to return once again to the sacraments. “We appreciate all the efforts to go online with Mass and other devotions, but we want to be more than just virtually with Jesus,” they say. “We know He is waiting for us in the tabernacle.” 

“How can we leave God out of this?” she asked. Praying at home is not enough for Catholics: “We believe that Jesus is in the Eucharist.”

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, who produced the film with Ben and Sarah Thatcher, told LifeSiteNews that she had been approached by Catholics who felt frustrated by the extended church closings and wanted to do something. 

Vaughan-Spruce is an organizer of the UK March for Life, but stressed that the video was a project of Catholics, not March for Life. 

Here is the video:


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