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Young Palestinian Christian woman arrested in West Bank

The Archbishop of Canterbury has appealed for the release of a young Christian woman who has been arrested by Israeli forces

Pro-Palestine graffiti smeared on an Italian church

The pro-Palestine vandals probably wanted to draw attention to the ongoing situation in the Gaza strip.

Hungary is helping people of different religions in Gaza

Hungary is providing help to the people in Gaza conflict are suffering together.

Scientists in Israel validate Biblical events in 2 Kings 12

Researchers rely on the earth's magnetic field to verify an event mentioned in the Old Testament

Catholics were killed in a church in Gaza

The Holy Family Church, the only Catholic Church in the Gaza Strip, is home to the Missionaries of Charity.

Patriarch of Jerusalem offered to swap himself for Israeli hostages in Gaza

Pierbattista Pizzaballa says he would "do anything" in order to set the captive children free.

Gaza is a De Facto State that Has Gone to War Against Israel

Maj. General (ret.) Giora Eiland said Gaza has become a de facto state and so the conflict that is taking place is between the St

Christians denounce appalling Hamas attack on Israel

Christians have joined in the condemnation of a major Hamas attack on Israel

Israeli police arrest five people for hostile gestures towards Christians

Israeli police on Wednesday arrested five people suspected of spitting towards Christians

Israel stops issuing visas to Christian clergy

Due to Israel's new visa rules Evangelical Christian clerics face difficulties with obtaining permits to work in the country.