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Thousands of Danes protest plans to abolish Christian holiday

By abolishing Great Prayer Day, the government anticipates higher tax revenues. 

Denmark plans to abolish religious holiday to increase the defence budget

“There is more at stake than a public holiday”, say religious leaders.

Danish Left wants to spend millions for "helping Polish women" with abortion

Danish political parties want to allocate 20 million crowns over four years to Polish women so that they can undergo an abortion.

Babies with Down syndrome are being denied the right to be born in Denmark

The Danish National Board of Health reports that 95% of pregnant women whose fetus has a chromosomal abnormality opt for abortion.

The decline of birth rates linked to secularisation

Amid the relatively recent collapse in fertility rates around the world, especially in Europe, secularisation is rising.

Adults show their naked bodies to children in Danish controversial TV programme

Right-wing Danish politician Peter Skaarup commented that "this is just a vulgar way to teach sex education.”

Denmark: Only 18 children with Down syndrome are born in a year

Fortunate coincidence or national infanticide?

Denmark: Mosque permitted to broadcast Islamic call to prayer over loudspeaker

Islamic calls to prayers already exist in mosques in several western European cities.

Denmark: Police arrest man suspected of planning imminent Islamic terror attack

Danish Intelligence Service:“In our opinion the person acted alone and planned one or more actions, inspired by militant Islamism"