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Adults show their naked bodies to children in controversial Danish TV programme

The programme shows children the naked bodies of adults and asks them questions. That is the premise of "Ultra strips down", a new TV programme from the Danish public broadcaster DR.


Ten adults, five men and five women of different origins, age and body shape, will be scattered across the programme on a black stage. At first, they will wear a bathrobe, but later they strip naked in front of the audience, which is composed of children.

The goal of “Ultra strips down” is to “show the kids that not everyone has an Instagram body”, that they shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves if they look different from all those perfect pictures they see on social media. This programme promotes ‘Body Positivity’ according to the creator of the show Jannick Schow.

Children of at least eleven years old are allowed to ask the candidates questions about their body (and the problems they have with it). Although Schow received praise from some viewers for daring to show “normal bodies”, the programme is facing a wave of criticism.

The makers of the show are surely well aware that this will shock people. It seems like they are not ashamed to use children in order to make their programme viral. However, it is difficult not to realise that this initiative is leading to child abuse.

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