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Denmark plans to abolish religious holiday to increase the defence budget

A draft law aims to cancel the Prayer Day as a public holiday to increase the defence budget. “There is more at stake than a public holiday”, say religious leaders.

The daft law for the abolition of the Christian Great Prayer Day as a public holiday in Denmark was recently sent to the parliament for consultation.

Prime Minister Mette Fredriksen defended the abolition of the holiday last December, saying it would help provide extra money for the defence budget. The parties only have until January 19th to table amendments.

The Danish Ministry of Finance said that by eliminating the holiday, the gross domestic product (GDP) would increase by €1.3 billion. In turn, the government would be able to increase the defence expenditure to 2% of the GDP, reaching NATO standards.

According to the Minister of Labour, Halsboe-Jørgensen, “great days of prayer have no basis in Christian faith. It is a day without major Christian traditions attached to it. So if you have to choose between public holidays, I think this is the best choice”.

After the consultation, it is expected that the draft law will be approved and in place within just over a month, CNE News reported.

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