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Democrats reintroduce bill to codify abortion on demand nationwide

President Joe Biden is already on the record in favor of codifying Roe’s dictates in federal law.

Democrat opens Congress with prayer ending in "amen and awoman"

It is important to keep in mind that the word "Amen," means "so be it" and is not a gendered term.

Joe Biden opposed to "LGBT-free zones" in Poland which don't exist

The fake news about the alleged existence of so called "LGBT-free zones" in Poland has gone viral in the last months.

Dozens of Democrat leaders urge Biden to soften stance on abortion

In 389 out of 435 Congressional districts, a majority of voters support a ban on abortion after twenty weeks gestation.

One hundred Christian pastors urge Democrats to end "abortion extremism"

The letter notes that the U.S. is "just one of seven countries to allow abortion after twenty weeks.”

Bernie Sanders wants "significant" expansion of Planned Parenthood funding

Sanders declared that being pro-choice is "an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat".

Indiana mayor hopes 2,246 baby corpses found won’t impact access to abortion

Buttigieg said he hopes the discovery "would not get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to healthcare".

California governor wants a ‘no-kill state' but fails to question abortion

California Governor Gavin Newsom expressed his desire that his state stops euthanizing animals