Tag: COVID-19 pandemic

Pilgrims avoided Ethiopia’s historic churches at Easter

COVID-19 pandemic and recent fighting in Tigray sway tourists away from Lalibela rock churches.

Canadian pastor arrested for holding church service

The video documenting Pawlikowski's encounter with the local law enforcement went viral, receiving more than three million views.

Chinese church in Yunnan banned from gathering during the pandemic

The Chinese government often uses disease prevention as an excuse to violate religious freedom.

Irish government lifts ban on Holy Mass after five months

The once Catholic country turned out to be the only one in Europe where physical access to the Blessed Sacrament was so limited.

California withdraws restrictions on religion after Supreme Court ruling

Californian restrictions on religion are where among the most restrictive in North America.

COVID-19 restrictions "harmed religious minorities", according to USCRIF

The report expains that “the pandemic fostered a wave of misinformation targeting religious minorities.”

Over a quarter of US college and high school students "never" attend church

Eight percent of respondents preferred not to disclose their frequency of religious attendance.

Canadian health authorities barricade a church

Earlier this year, the church's pastor was jailed for a month and a half for refusing to respect health restrictions.

Canadian pastor laments about "attacks on church reminding of communism"

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was born in Poland and lived under Soviet rule during part of his childhood.

Scottish court ruled the recent closure of churches unconstitutional

The court found that enforcing the closure of churches violates fundamental human rights.