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Victims of COVID-19 starve to death in quarantine camps in North Korea

North Korea is ranked as the number one persecutor of Christians in the world by Open Doors 2020 World Watch List.

Missionaries: "Everything has changed but we stay where we are"

"We have learnt in the mission that nothing is impossible for God."

Algeria continues to restrict religious freedom

As many as seventeen Christian churches were forcibly closed in 2019, sometimes violently by the military.

U.S. Navy will allow in-person church services

First Liberty General Counsel Mike Berry said the change is a “major victory for religious freedom within the military."

Pakistan’s Christians have been starved and exposed during the lockdown

Instead of receiving aid, Rachel was told that she could not receive any food because her ID identified her as a Christian

Incidents of Christian Persecution spike as India emerges from lockdown

These incidents include physical assaults, damage to Christian properties, and threats issued by radical Hindu nationalists

Many U.S. churches have chosen not to return to in-person services

One third of pastors reported that they returned to in-person gatherings, but only about half of the congregation is attending.

A record number of vandalised temples has been recorded in 2019 in Spain

Not less than forty-six churches were vandalised in Spain last year.

Series of attacks on Christians in Central India reported

Anti-Christian incidents by radical Hindu nationalists have taken place, including violent assaults, threats and fines.

After recovering from COVID-19 Burkina Faso cardinal calls for relief for Africa

In his country, Burkina Faso, Christian communities have been forced to live under threat of Jihadist terrorism in recent years.